Premium PLUS solar package


Premium Plus(Lithium ion)


5000W Inverter Capacity

With a 5000W solar inverter, this system replaces a 7KVA generator, powering high-capacity loads like freezers, microwaves, large TVs, and numerous bulbs.

10000Wh Lithium Battery

With a robust 10,000wh lithium battery boasting 6000+ cycles, the system promises a lifespan beyond 10 years. This guarantees abundant storage for diverse loads over an extended duration.

6000W First-grade solar panels

The system boasts of a 6000W, enabling users to harness abundant solar energy and boost power generation. This guarantees abundant storage of power after daylight use.

24 Months Warranty

Achieve peace of mind with our simple 24-month warranty – no complex terms, just dependable coverage for your satisfaction.

Product specification

Our Premium Plus package is designed for those who demand the ultimate solar power experience, offering 24-hour electricity without compromise. This package includes top-of-the-line components, such as a lithium-ion battery, ensuring a reliable power supply and backed by a 24-month warranty.

  • 5000VA Pure Sine Wave Inverter
  • 1000Wh Lithium Battery
  • 6000W Solar panels
  • Hybrid Technology
  • Smart Power Manager