classic solar package


3Kva Premium (Tubular Battery)


3000W Hybrid Inverter with MPPT Capability

With a 3000W solar inverter, this system replaces a 3KVA or four “I Pass My Neighbour” generators, powering high-capacity loads like freezers, microwaves, large TVs, and numerous bulbs.

800Ah Tubular Battery

With a robust 4 units of 200/220Ah tubular batteries boasting 3000+ cycles, the system promises a lifespan beyond 5 years. This guarantees abundant storage for diverse loads over an extended duration.

3,200W First grade solar panels

The system boasts of a 3,200W, enabling users to harness abundant solar energy and boost power generation. This guarantees abundant storage of power after daylight use.

24 Months Warranty

Achieve peace of mind with our simple 24-month warranty – no complex terms, just dependable coverage for your satisfaction.


Load description Quantity unit Power consumption (watts) Typical running time (hours) Total daily energy(WH)
LED Light 5watts 30 pcs 150 10 1500
energy friendly fan 4 pcs 200 10 2000
TV 3 pcs 360 8 2880
laptops 3 unit 120 8 960
mobile phones 10 pcs 100 8 800
standing fridge or freezer 1 pcs 150 8 1200
electric blender 1 pcs 600 2 1200
sound system 1 pcs 100 8 800
TOTAL 1780 11340