New Gen Ultra- 2000

2000W Inverter Capacity

With a 2000W solar inverter, the NGU replaces a 3KVA or four “I Pass My Neighbour” generators, powering high-capacity loads like freezers, microwaves, large TVs, and numerous bulbs.

2000W MPPT Solar Controller

The NGU, with its ample solar charge controller, supports four 500W solar panels, enabling users to harness abundant solar energy and boost power generation.

2560Wh Lithium Battery

With a robust 200Ah lithium battery boasting 6000+ cycles, the NGU promises a lifespan beyond 10 years. This guarantees abundant storage for diverse loads over an extended duration.

24 Months Warranty

Achieve peace of mind with our simple 24-month warranty – no complex terms, just dependable coverage for your satisfaction.

Product specification

The NewGen Ultra, a made in Nigeria solar generator, addresses challenges in the Nigerian power system. With a robust inverter, solar, and battery system, it effectively powers appliances in small and medium-sized homes and businesses

Say goodbye to power outages, high generator fuel costs, and the financial burden that goes with “Going Solar” as the NGU not only reduces costs but also allows you to earn by selling surplus power with its smart metering, energy sharing, and billing technologies.

  • 2000VA Pure Sine Wave Inverter
  • 2560Wh Lithium Battery
  • 2000W MPPT Solar Charger
  • 2000W Fast Mains Charger
  • Smart Power Manager
  • Mobile Device Energy Management

Pay Small Small

Our installment system: sign up with the cost of a fuel generator, then make monthly payments from your fuel savings. A win-win for all!