We pride in the production of quality power electronics durable for African users.


Pure Sine Wave Inverters

Our inverters come with highly sensitive temperature and weather detector which adjusts steadily to provide maximum output to the user because we are aware that Nigeria has a very dynamic weather.

Our inverters also have high power surge protection to protect the electronic gadgets of users of solar and any other source of power like NEPA or generator. This is also accompanied with an automatic switching module to selectively switch your inverter from solar to generator or NEPA.

More so, due to the incessant use of inferior wires in Nigeria for home wiring, our inverter has a high classic short-circuit detecting ability to shut down your power in cases of wire melting or fire and protect your house from electric fire outbreak and other short circuit dangers.

To protect the batteries of users and strengthen them, our inverter has 4-stages charge mode with very good trickle charge ability to boost your battery lifespan. This is complemented with our unique sequential loader technology to switch off heavy loads on your inverter when the battery power becomes low and to suit the user’s priority.

It is worthy to note that due to the quality of materials used in the production especially the copper wires for the transformer and the circuitry module, our inverter has a lifespan of 20 years.

Despite the above, the product pricing remains unbeatable and cost relatively 50% cheaper than any imported product.

Inverter sizes are from 1.5KVA to 30KVA Single Phase and 3-Phase systems.



Greenage All-in-one

The All-in-one system comes as a high power UPS and is the ideal solution to your current power issues. Given the background of very poor and epileptic power supply in Nigeria, and given the wastages involved in burning fuel just to have light, our All-in-one products come handy. It is a system which comes with an operating capacity of 300W, with an expected average of 100W, guaranteeing you 10-18 hours power daily on proper usage.

Typical load

The typical equipment to be powered are:

1 fan + 1 LED TV/one laptop + 5 Led bulbs + 2 clipper

Any total load within the power rating of 100W